Julio thinks he’s a rock star! No wait, he doesn’t think it, he knows it! While this up-and-coming artist may come off as overly confident, he’s really just an extreme optimist. Julio is also the quintessential adolescent boy, having a fixation on things that are gross, stinky, slimy, booger-y, crawly, etc.



    Julio’s counterpart may be a fellow musician, but that’s about all they have in common. This girly-girl is obsessed with all things pretty, pink, sparkly, fluffy and most of all, clean! Billie dreams of being a diva, singing and acting on the stage.



    The natural leader of the group, this tribal chick from Tree Village, doesn’t mind getting dirty. In fact she loves it! She’s a hunting enthusiast with an addiction to adventure, always living life on the edge.



    Zabetta’s trusty sidekick has a passion for science, especially inventing. He spends half of his time building outlandish contraptions, and the other half cleaning up the mess when his contraptions get out of control.



    The youngest member of the group is trying as hard as he can to keep up with his older friends. Figley is still discovering what he likes, who he is, and what he wants to be, and is always looking to his friends for guidance and inspiration. Being the youngest is definitely hard, that’s why Figley has to work extra hard to fit in. Unfortunately, in his over-enthusiasm, he rarely thinks through the consequences of his actions, forcing the older kids to come to his aid.



    Mischievous and dangerous rodents that inhabit the island of Mutasia.


    (Chicken, Fish, Rabbit)

    Figley’s buddy, Wattee, is a little kid with a HUGE mouth. He’s hot-headed and always speaks before he thinks, and that can get him, and his friends, into trouble!


    (Rhinoceros-Beaver-Bumble Bee)

    Figley’s little friend is a bundle of joy, and is always buzzing about the Mutasian jungle.



    Mutasia’s felines can be found both in the wild and domestically in the homes of Mutasians. Instead of hacking hairballs like cats, these little critters hack scaleballs. GROSS!



    The waters of Mutasia are full of these colorful equine cephalopods. The squonks are stubborn critters that can squirt ink when they’re in danger. Most Mutasian pens use squonk ink, so most Mutasian letters smell fishy.



    This dark hermit lives alone in a cave, consumed by his obsession with eating nibs. Despite his monstrous ways, Flavian sees himself as quite sophisticated, but stand between him and his delicious nibs, and you’ll find out how dangerous he can be.



    Mutasia is full of many unique birds, but non are quite like the pudgie. Being part pufferfish, the pudgie has many sharp spines all over its body, and is able to float by inhaling air.