What’s That Smell?

What’s That Smell?


Julio Habañero sets out to discover what that horrible smell is. There are so many things it could be, can you guess what it is? DOWNLOAD THE SONG AT:

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Did someone leave a fish out in the sun?
Or spray old spoiled milk on everyone?
Did an outhouse burn in a dump-truck full of cheese
Hey, what’s that old and moldy smell?
A swamp or garbage bag?
A stinky smell so pungent I could gag!

Oh baby what’s that smell?
(Could it be pickles? Sweaty old socks?
Could it be a meowzer litterbox?)
Oh Oh Oh!
(Could it be a burp jar full of burps and eggs?)
What’s that, what’s that, baby what’s that smell?
(Could it be a diaper? Crusty old feet?
A bathtub full of rancid meat?
What’s that, what’s that, baby, what’s that smell?

The smell has singed the hairs right out my nose
And I’ll probably have to burn this pair of clothes
But I’m mesmerized by that malodorous waft of stink!
(such a good stink!)
Is that last week’s take out or two armpits on a date?
I gotta know the answer, I can’t wait!!

Oh baby what’s that smell?!
(Could it be tacos covered in hair?
Could it be a skunk fish grizzly bear?)
Oh Oh Oh!
(Could it be a grandma cooking her fake teeth?)
What’s that, what’s that, baby, what’s that smell?
(Could it be bad breath smothered in slugs?
A sweat lodge for some stinky bugs?)

What’s that, whats that, what’s that, whats that smell?
I’ve gotta know
What’s that, what’s that smell?
I’m gonna find out, what’s that smell?

*gasp* It’s YOU.