The Mish Mash Bash


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MUTASIA:The Mish Mash Bash follows a group of young, furry friends who live on the tropical island of Mutasia, where everyone is a mixed up mix of two or more different animals. Unfortunately, the island is being overrun by pesky nibs, hungry little critters that are part mouse, part piranha, and part spider. Figley, along with the help of his friends, must catch all of the nibs before they destroy this year’s most awesomest party: The Mish Mash Bash. But it won’t be easy! Figley’s journey will take him all over the fantastical island, from a primitive jungle amusement park to the dark caverns inhabited by a monster with the jaws of a crocodile and the tail of a scorpion. Along the way, Figley must learn to believe in himself, even when no one else does.  Based on the eccentric children’s book series ‘MUTASIA’, The Mish Mash Bash is an animated adventure full of humor, music and plenty of crazy, mixed-up creatures.

Additional Information

Director: Guy Ben Shetrit
Executive Producers: Christos Cotsakos, Suzanne Cotsakos, Tami Cotsakos, Uri Shinar, Ran Stutzen
Cast: Rob Broadhurst (Julio Habañero and Flavian), Christine Busler (Rhumbler), Suzanne Cotsakos (Figley), Brianna McCulloch (Zabetta), Ryan McCulloch (Chadwick)
Composer: Robert Litton
Original Music: Rob Broadhurst
Run time: 22 mins, 56 secs
DVD Format: Region 1
Extra features: Trailer

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